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CHILI PEPPERS! Verdi Chilies

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Green chili peppers
CHILI PEPPERS! Verdi Chilies
CHILI PEPPERS! Verdi Chilies
CHILI PEPPERS! Verdi Chilies
Chili Peppers

Mexican Verdi “Green” Chili Peppers on a string - perfect kitchen decor! This string of peppers stands out and makes a statement. Each pepper is individually secured to a rope to hang in a spectacular bundle. There is a loop on top for easy hanging. Hand crafted in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Full String Measures Approximately (While Hanging)
20.5 Inches Long (measured from top loop)
4 Inches Wide (measured across while hanging)

Individual Pepper Measures Approximately:
3.5 Inches Long
1 Inch Wide

Due to the nature of hand painting and crafting, each Pepper String is unique and beautiful, variations and imperfections are to be expected and are normal. This only adds to the uniqueness of each piece, each piece is a individual work of art.

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