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Mexican Nativity Set - XGrande

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It's a family craft! Our beautiful hand made nativity sets come from a family of artesians in Jaliso, Mexico.  The family has been lovingly producing them for four generations!  Each piece is hand made and hand painted, no two sets are ever the same.  This is thoughtful gift for the folk art or nativity collector.

The sizes of the individual pieces in this Xgrande (extra large) set range in size from 2.0 inch tall to 7.50 (not exact) inches tall. 

The set includes: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Angel,  3 Wise Men, and a child with animals.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that you can order these by color (meaning the main primary color); very limited quantities. The set shown will be the one shipped.

Friendly Hello....

Here we are in Mexico at one of our favorite restaurants! Photo is not too great, but the treasures we bring back from Mexico are! We hope you enjoy looking and let us know if you have any questions. Happy Browsing!

Agapios and Susan