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Glowing Sun and Moon Romance

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sun and moon metal sculpture
sun and moon art
sun and moon metal art sculpture
sun and moon metal rays
Glowing Sun and Moon Romance
Glowing Sun and Moon Romance

Our Glowing Sun and Moon Romance hand crafted metal sculpture is vibrant and fun. What a unique sun and moon couple! This bright sun and moon features painted metal rays and a fiberglass face. May be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. Has a loop on back for easy hanging. This piece is light weight and easy to hang.

Made in Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico - Sun #41


 9.50  Inches Tall
10.00 Inches Wide
  2.50 Inches Deep

Due to the nature of hand crafting, each piece of Metal art is unique and beautiful. Variations and imperfections are to be expected and are normal. This only adds to the uniqueness of each piece, each piece is an individual work of art.

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